How to Make New Year's Resolutions You're Excited About

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how to make new years resolutions you're excited about

Hey ladies! Can you believe 2017 is already over? With a blink of an eye we’re saying goodbye to the rollercoaster 2017 brought us and saying hello to new possibilities, new hopes, and new wonders.

As I reflect back on 2017 I can say one word: GRATEFUL. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. I really couldn’t be where I am today without each of you. Every person who’s shopped my site, read my blogs, like my pictures, and just followed along with my story I couldn’t be any more grateful.

As the year wraps up and comes to an end it’s easy to get a little sad. Maybe that’s just me but I reflect back on all of the goals I made for myself in 2017 and start to realize the ones I fell short on, the things I can improve on, and start comparing myself to others. As I started to fall into those negative thoughts (like I do every year) I had a thought stop me dead in my tracks… Why don’t I reflect on the things I DID do? The things I DID accomplish and the things I AM so grateful for.

So I did. I wrote down all the things I had accomplished. The big and the small. Really, I wrote down everything.

  • Started a company!!!
  • Exercised at least 3 times a week
  • Started to figure out how to balance a full time job and a small business
  • Fell more in love with Cody than ever before
  • Helped my mom through a tough transition period in her life
  • Grew old friendships
  • Created new friendships
  • Figured out how to survive on the smallest amount of money possible! (No joke I think this is a huge accomplishment)

Writing this list brought a new level of energy to my world. I felt accomplished and energized and ready to take on 2018. I was ready to start new goals and create new plans and was ready to tackle them with more energy than ever before!

Maybe New Year’s isn’t your time for writing down goals. Maybe it’s summer when you finish school or maybe it’s your birthday or just a random day! I feel like this strategy works for anytime you decide to set goals for yourself, not just New Year’s resolutions. Start with writing down- pen to paper- all the things you accomplished that year, both big and small. You’ll get this little internal smile, like “yeah I did do that didn’t I?” And before you know it, you’ll stop thinking about the things you didn’t do and reflecting on the things you DID do. Your mind will energized and eager to start accomplishing more.

This is when you start your new list. Your goals, your resolutions.

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  • Being open is sometimes so hard! The internet (social media) is full of people only showing you the best part of themselves. They paint this beautiful picture of their life but don’t show you what’s happening “behind the camera.” It’s easy to start comparing yourself to this perfectly painted world you see online. I wanted to be open with you guys and tell you, “hey I do that too!” So I’m here being open and laying it all out on the line for you. And yes you’ll probably laugh at some of my accomplishments and maybe get a little TMI… but I felt like it was my job to share this little story with you guys and hope it helps you as you start out your new year!

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